G'day, everyone!


 G'day everyone! My name is Felicity and I'm from Perth in Western Australia . Australia is famous for things like Vegemite, koalas and kangaroos.
  This is actually my third time in Japan . I taught English in Aichi prefecture for a year in 2000, and then returned again briefly in 2002 to visit Wakayama , Hiroshima and Yokohama . It was during this second trip that I realised how much I missed living here in Japan , and so was very happy when I was told I would be coming back as an ALT.
  My favourite pastimes are playing squash and going to the beach for a swim. For those who don't know what squash is, it's similar to tennis but is played with a smaller, harder ball indoors. I would also like to learn the tea ceremony! My favourite colour is blue, my lucky number is eight and my favourite Japanese things are maguro sashimi and “Hello Kitty”, which I think is called “Kitty Chan” in Japanese. I also love traveling. So far I have been to Singapore and Bali , and I am hoping to visit Okinawa and go to the Snow Festival in Hokkaido during my stay in Japan.
  I'm really enjoying living in Kudamatsu and I think I have been very lucky to have been placed at Karyo Senior High School , as everyone has been very kind and friendly to me. I have been trying to learn Japanese for a total of fifteen years, but still have a long way to go. Japanese is a very difficult language (maybe almost as tricky as English!), but I really want to learn it, so I will keep persevering.
  Based on my experience of teaching English and studying Japanese, my suggestion to all of you would be to try to use your English as much as possible and to not be afraid of making mistakes. Ganbatte kudasai!

  こんにちは、 みなさん!私の名前はフェリシティです。西オーストラリア州のパースから来ました。オーストラリアはベジマイト(訳者注:イースト菌エキスでできた、パンにぬって食べるもの。日本人にとっての「納豆」をイメージするとよい)、コアラ、カンガルー等で有名です。
  実は今回で日本に来るのは3度目です。 2000 年に愛知県で1年間英語を教え、 2002 年にちょっとだけ戻ってきて和歌山・広島・横浜を訪れました。私がどれほどここ日本での生活ができなくて寂しく思っていたのかを実感したのは、この旅行の最中でした。ですから外国語指導助手として日本に行くことになると伝えられたときはとてもうれしかったのです。
  下松での生活を、今本当に楽しんでいますし、誰もがとても私に親切で友好的なので、華陵高校に赴任したことをたいへん幸運なことと思っています。 15 年間ずっと日本語を身につけようと努力していますが、まだまだ道のりは長いです。日本語はとても難しい言語(多分英語とほとんど同じくらい意地悪!)ですが、本当に身につけたいと思っていますので、これからも続けていきます。