Some Tips


 As I have said before to students at Karyo, my time with you has been much too short! I feel that I’ve only begun to know many of you, and now I have to leave. I hope I have helped you a little bit in your efforts to learn English, and understand people from other countries. You have certainly helped me to better understand Japanese high school students. Perhaps from knowing you I can be a better teacher in the future. Thank you!
 In this letter I’d like to offer you a little advice that I hope you can use. First of all, try to keep learning in some way all your life. Learning keeps your mind flexible and your heart open so that you can enjoy the good experiences, and carry on through the bad, that life will bring you. I really believe in this since I’m returning to America in order to go to university. Yes, I’m 44 years old, and I’m going to university again. Anything is possible!
 Secondly, I hope you’ll look for many opportunities to learn English, and use the English you already know. I have several Japanese friends who say they hated English in school, but now they love it and use it not only in traveling, but also to make friends here in Japan. They wish that they had tried harder during their school days. Don’t be one of those people!
 Finally, some of you have said that you’re embarrassed to use your English because you don’t sound like a native speaker. I’d like to share with you some interesting facts I recently read in the Daily Yomiuri newspaper:

1. There are more fluent non-native speakers of English than native speakers of English!
2. Most English conversations are between non-native speakers of English!
3. There are more non-native users of English in Asia than there are native English speakers all over the world!

  In short, standards of pronunciation cannot and do not belong to North America or Britain. Many people all over the world speak English in many different ways. There is nothing to feel ashamed about if you speak with a Japanese accent, so get out there and use your English!
 All the best, now and always, Beth


1. 流ちょうに英語を話す人の数は、ネイティブでない人の方がネイティブより多い!
2. ほとんどの英会話はネイティブでない人同士で行われている!
3. アジアのネイティブでない英語話者は、全世界の英語ネイティブよりも多い!